Merkur provide the following information regarding the Merkur Vision 2000 razor:

“In order to prolong the life of your safety razor it is necessary to clean the moving parts of your razor after each shave, for example with a soft nail brush or tooth brush. Only if the soap residue is removed thoroughly, the mechanics of your razor will work satisfyingly in the long run. We suggest completely breaking down your razor for a thorough cleaning with each new blade that you install in the razor.

In contact with hard, calciferous water all parts of the razor need to be de-calcified regularly, depending on the concentration of lime in your water. The parts should be put into a diluted and lukewarm decalcifying solution every few minutes. It is also recommended to move the mechanical parts a few times, so the solution can get into every crevice.

A more extended contact with the decalcifying solution will destroy the surface and corrode the metal of your razor.”

The Merkur Vision safety razor features a number of moving parts to operate the butterfly mechanism and provide adjustability. It is important that these steps are carried out to ensure the longevity of this razor.



Merkur Solingen produce razors and shaving equipment as a subsidiary of the Dovo Solingen. The Merkur company and brand name were taken over by Dovo in 1996, an independent German company based in Solingen founded in 1906.

Located in Solingen, Germany on the northern edge of the Bergisches Land region, Solingen is also known as Klingenstadt or “City of blades”, renowned for the manufacturing of fine swords, knives, scissors and razors.

Merkur Vision 2000 Razor The Merkur safety razor range includes the advanced Merkur Vision 2000. The Merkur Vision is an adjustable “butterfly” design allowing the razor to be opened (TTO) and the Merkur Super Platinum razor blade to be safely inserted.

Designed for the wet shaver who attaches importance to convenience in his morning shaving, all will appreciate the Merkur razor range. From Merkur classics such as the Merkur HD and Progress to the latest Futur and Vision razors, they are a) more economical (lower in price through longer use), and b) environmentally compatible (as steel is not combined with plastic). After a short time getting used to them, you will see the advantages.


Taylor of Old Bond Street was founded in 1854 by Jeremiah Taylor, the great grandfather of today’s Chairman, who opened his Hairdressing and Hair Treatment Salon in Bond Street, London. Having gained a reputation for his hair and scalp treatment, his son, Ivan used his chemist training to develop a range of herbal treatments.

The Taylor Tradition has always been to create luxurious and unusual products with natural ingredients where practicable, refusing to compromise quality.

To this day Taylor of Old Bond Street has remained a family business with Sidney Taylor becoming Chairman in 1930, who pursued the opening of a second branch in Jermyn Street. The current Chairman, Leonard Taylor took the reigns in 1955, joining his father and still carries out the work of formulating and manufacturing hair and skin products to the same high standards.


Eton College Collection
Inspired by the tradition of Eton, England’s premier college of royalty and the aristocracy, and especially formulated for its Gentlemen, this collection possesses a fresh invigorating fragrance combining sparkling citrus oils with rich woody undertones to enchant the senses of the young and the young at heart.

Mr Taylor Collection
For generations, discriminating gentlemen have selected this crisp and spicy fragrance in which Tarragon, Lavender and Incense combine with hints of Green Galbanum and Citrus for an elegant manly scent and a warm, woody drydown with traces of Cedar, Sandal, Patchouli and Musk.

Sandalwood Collection
From the mystic east, we take a complex rich woody blend of exotic sweet scented Sandalwood and Cedar, add Lavender and Rosemary with subtle floralcy and Jasmine and Rose, for a vivacious, enticing, confidently masculine bouquet.

St. James’ Collection
A masculine, fougere with citrus ozonic top notes of Bergamot and Mandarin combined with crisp herbs. Heart notes utilise florals, fruits and spices on a base of Sandalwood, Amber, Patchouli and Musk.

Shaving Shop Collection
Revitalising fresh Citrus traces blend vigorously with the sophistication and ruggedness of precious Cedar and Oak woods. Add virile undertones of musks over a floor of Sage, Rosemary and Petitgrain for an alluring composition that stimulates the senses and excites the emotions.

To the truly discerning gentleman, nothing surpasses the superior floral perfume of English Lavender, freshly picked at its peak from Norfolk Lavender, England’s Lavender Farm, or the relaxing and soothing effect it imparts.

LS&B GROOMING: An Introduction

The concept behind Lock Stock & Barrel Grooming is to champion men’s grooming, putting those bedrock principles, long forgotten or yet to be realised back into male grooming. After the lifestyle constraints of the war years men and women were no longer content to live within the confines of enduring class divide. Men and women would engage in new social activities with a new found desire for well-being. Gone were the de-mob suites, lifestyle goods were in strong demand.

As television and movie stars became the icons of the day men of all walks of life took an increasing care in their appearance and grooming rituals. London’s take on fashion and grooming captured the essence of a changing time, the rebirth of men’s grooming had began and for the first time it came from the streets. New found attitudes influenced fashion and trends emerged to reflect this. The Kings Road was the stage and the World it’s audience. A new chapter of British grooming had begun.

LS&B Grooming

The modern man not only wants to look his best but has to, his modern lifestyle demands it. As men push the boundaries in fashion and grooming ever further he demands the right tools to do the job and expects choice. Our line of high performance hair care products have been formulated to give men a range that understands their needs, and a range that will embrace the intricacies of his individuality without compromise.

The term Lock Stock & Barrel, thought to have originated in the 18th century, refers to the three components that make up an early firearm. The components being the lock, referring to the firing mechanism, the stock being the wooden handle and the barrel referring to the actual gun barrel. The term was first recorded in 1817 in the letters of Sir Walter Scott and has since been used to express something in it’s entirety, denoting all, total and everything.


“Things to Buy This Week – LS&B Grooming is a new grooming brand for blokes. Styling products with names like 85 Karats, The Daddy and Gooch are just the thing for the well groomed geezer”.
The Independent

“WINNER of Hair Product Best buy – The Daddy voted only 5 star product on test… “smells like bubblegum… gives excellent hold without turning your head into an oil slick”.
Men’s Fitness

“To stop your hair looking so greasy and waxy Gavin, Julia Carta; hairstylist to Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Orlando Bloom and Colin Farrell, recommends you try The Daddy, a classic wax from Lock Stock & Barrel Grooming. 85 Karats Grooming Clay is also right up your street [Gavin] for finger styling and strong architectural control…”
Daily Mail

“Good as Gold – LS&B Grooming offers a selection of haircare and styling tools for the modern man. It’s best selling product 85 Karats Grooming Clay – a matte shaping clay that offers strong hold and texture, while The Daddy Classic Wax offers definition and shine”.
Hairdressers Journal

“Must Try – Lock Stock & Barrel is haircare strictly for boys…”
ES Magazine (Evening Standard)

Grooming Awards – Lock Stock & Barrel Moisturising shampoo wins bronze award for best shampoo.
FRONT Magazine

“Great Fathers Day grooming gift, Lock Stock & Barrel Grooming.”
Daily Mirror

Colour Trends for Men – 2014

The transition from summer to autumn has begun, so now is the time to stock up on autumn/winter 2013-2014’s new and interesting colour palette.

If you’ve not scoured the latest updates from the runway, this season proves to be a shocker. Autumn/winter usually calls upon stereotypical dark hues of plum, black, navy and grey, however this winter will be decidedly bright and optimistic instead.

Zest for life

Designers such as Burberry and Jonathan Saunders showcased various bright shades of orange and yellow for both separates and tailoring. These colours were worn with dove grey and charcoal to show the contrast even more.

On the high street, brands such as Topman, Homme Penn at Urban Outfitters and Levis have picked up on this trend and are already stocking zesty shades to update your wardrobe.

Topman Orange 89 mesh vest £20.00

Topman Orange 89 mesh vest

Homme Penn Tee £22.00

Homme Penn Tee

Levis Short Sleeved One Pocket Washed Shirt £70.00

Levis Short Sleeved One Pocket Washed Shirt

Pastel Power

A major side step away from winter’s harsher tones, the pastel shades from spring/summer have trickled into next season effortlessly. Which is good news if you did invest in a tailored pastel suit this summer, as you’ve got yourself more cost per wear.

Hues such as cornflower blue, dusky pink and mint green have all featured on the autumn/winter 13-14 runways, from designers including Richard Nicoll and Hackett. Even Christopher Raeburn re-invented the military style parker in a powder pink for this season – just make sure your girlfriend doesn’t nab it!

A favourite from the high street is Topman’s blue dip dye blazer at £85.00, this piece could be worn with chinos or jeans to make a subtle impact to your look.

Topman Blue Dip Dye Blazer

For a smart-casual classic pink shirt, Uniqlo stock perfect 100% cotton Oxford, long sleeved shirts for just £14.90.

Uniqlo Classic Pink Shirt

Team H&M’s pair of mint green chinos (£19.99) with a dark grey v-neck sweater to balance out the colour proportions.

H&M Chinos