Razor Length Handle Length Weight Adjustable Agressiveness


Merkur Travel Razor 74mm 66mm 45g No 2
Merkur 1904 83mm 75mm 66g No 2
Merkur HD 84mm 75mm 76g No 2
Merkur Slant 83mm 75mm 75g No 5
Merkur Progress 90mm 77mm 90g Yes 2-4
Merkur Classic Long Handle 105mm 98mm 55g No 2
Merkur Barber Pole HD 101mm 93mm 110g No 2
Merkur Barber Pole Slant 101mm 93mm 110g No 5
Merkur Futur 109mm 95mm 123g Yes 2-4
Merkur Vision 121mm 105mm 123g Yes 1-5

Please note: Razor measurements and weights are approximate and may vary with manufacturing tolerances.