Beard hair is as tough as copper wire of the same thickness so preparation is key to removing tough stubble. If you’re serious about a close shave wetshaving is the answer – it not only gives you more effective shaves but better looking skin too.

  1. Shower before you shave to help soften the hairs. If you need to shave without taking a shower, wash your face with hot water and facial cleanser to remove oil and sweat which can prevent the beard from absorbing water. Water softens the hair for more effective cutting and the steam opens up pores in your skin and relaxes your facial muscles.
  2. Apply a shaving cream or shaving soap to further soften the beard hair, lubricate the skin and improve razor glide. We stock a wide range of shaving preparations to suit your skin type and your scent preferences.
  3. Use a shaving brush to develop a thicker, richer, more emollient shaving lather than can be made with fingers. Shaving brushes remove dead skin from your face before shaving, which prevents the blade getting bogged down. Finally, brushing lifts your beard, exposing the maximum whisker length to your blade.
  4. Use a quality razor with a light touch. Shaving aficionados will use nothing other than a double-edge safety razor which can not only provide closer and more comfortable shaves, but replacement blades cost just pence! A good razor will be well weighted requiring no additional pressure to work well. Shave in the direction of beard growth – it varies across the face so be sure to follow it.
  5. Toughest ’til last. Leaving the toughest hair – around the lips and chin – until last allow the beard more time to absorb the water and cream to soften.
  6. Rinse. Rinse the blade as you go to prevent build up of hair on the blade edges which can impair performance. Rinse your face with cold water to close the pores following the shave and pat dry with a towel.
  7. Protect the skin. Shaving removes several layers of skin so it’s wise to help soothe the skin by applying an after-shave balm or moisturiser to replenish and protect your exposed skin.