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More and more of us are taking an interest in the ingredients that we use on and in our bodies. Below are some of the ingredients found in men’s skin care products on Timothy Edwards Male Grooming.

Acacia An herb with significant anti-inflammatory properties.
Algin A seaweed extract rich in minerals and helps retain moisture on the skin’s surface.
Allatoin An antioxidant, which help fight off the free-radicals that damage skin and speed the aging process.
Aloe Vera A skin soother, healer, repairer and collagen booster. Aloe Vera calms irritation and promotes skin vitality. With a pH almost identical to human skin, it acts as a powerfully effective moisturiser and counters the effects signs of aging.
Alpha Hydroxy Acid AHAs, as they are commonly known, are derived from natural foodstuffs such as citrus fruits, apples, milk and sugar. Alpha hydroxy acids help to shed dead skin cells and stimulate the skin’s natural cell regeneration. Also, removes the fine lines, brown spots, impurities, blackheads, dry patches, oil, etc. from the uppermost layers of the epidermis.
Avocado Oil Valued for its regenerative and moisturising properties Avocado Oil infuses the skin with protein, without leaving an oily film.
Bentonite A white clay that absorbs dirt and excess oil from the surface of the skin, clearing pores.
Biotin A member of the B vitamin family, helps to maintain healthy skin.
Caffeine Extract Anti-inflammatory benefits can quickly minimize redness and puffiness.
Camphor Found in wood of the camphor laurel, a large evergreen tree, it is soothing to the skin.
Carnosine An anti-oxidant and anti-irritant that boosts collagen.
Ceramides Helps regenerate skin cells by improving moisture retention and protecting against collagen breakdown.
Chamomile Extract A herb extract that benefits both hair and skin.
Cola Nitida Also known as kola nut, works to help boost cell circulation.
Comfrey Extract A protective astringent that heals sores, bruises and abrasions. Contains – allantoin – a powerful cell proliferator.
Cucumber Extract Attracts and holds moisture to hydrate the skin.
Diatomaceous earth Small silica particles derived from prehistoric plants that stimulate circulation, a very mild abrasive used to remove dead skin and absorb water and oil.
Ethlene/Acryline Acid Copolymer Diminishes the look of fine lines on the skin. .
Gingko A tree extract with soothing, anti-inflammatory properties. Cures circulatory disorders of the skin by increasing the amount of available oxygen.
Ginseng A plant extract well known for its conditioning and rejuvenating properties.
Glycerin Creates a super-slick surface to prevent irritation from razor drag, fills in the intercellular matrix and attracts moisture to your skin.
Glycolic Acid An alpha hydroxy acid found in sugar cane that encourages the growth of new skins cells and improves the skin’s appearance and texture. Weakens the binding properties of the lipids that hold the dead skin cells together to reveal the underlying skin.
Grape Seed Extract A potent and powerful anti-oxidant with 50-times the power of Vitamin E and 20-times the power of Vitamin C. Smoothes and helps heal skin by strengthening capillaries, reducing inflammation and offering natural UVB protection.
Grapefruit Extract A cooling and anti-inflammatory ingredient.
Hazelnut Extract Soothes, heals and firms skin.
Hyaluronic Acid A chemical naturally found in human skin that locks in moisture and maintains softness.
Hydrolyzed Wheat Gluten A protein which moisturizes and smoothes the skin’s surface, acting as an emollient.
Irish Moss Extract An antioxidant that helps to heal the skin.
Jojoba An effective moisturiser rich in vitamins E & A.
Lactic Acid An Alpha Hydroxy Acid made from milk.
Lavender A calming & soothing plant with effective cleansing and antibacterial properties.
Lemon Oil A counter-irritant, astringent and disinfectant that helps to restore the skin’s natural pH.
Licorice Extract Helps to treat acne and works to calm the skin with anti-inflammatory & soothing properties. Also helps to brighten and even skin tone.
Linalool Constituent of lavender oil, known for its soothing, calming properties.
Linden Extract An anti-inflammatory agent that is also used as an astringent.
Macadamia Nut Oil A natural moisturizer that contains magnesium and thiamine (vitamin B-1).
Malic Acid An Alpha Hydroxy Acid made from apples.
Nettle Extract Rich in nutrients, helps stimulate hair growth and fights against thinning.
Oat Proteins A protein with moisture-retention properties that is especially easy for skin to absorb.
Panthenol Softens the surface of the skin and helps prevent post-shave swelling.
Passion Flower Extract Softens the surface of the skin and helps prevent post-shave swelling.
Paullina Cupana Seed Extract Helps to work as an antibacterial, antioxidant, astringent and stimulant to the skin.
Peppermint Extract A stimulating & revitalising agent that soothes and cools the skin.
Pro-Vitamin B5 Softens, soothes and moisturizes the skin.
Pycnogenol® An anti-oxidant extracted from pine tree bark that strengthens capillaries and oxygenates red blood cells. Provides the skin with the nutrients needed to produce and heal collagen and elastin
Rice Peptides Helps inhibits the breakdown of collagen that result in wrinkling, loss of thickness and premature aging.
Rose Extract Rich in antioxidants. Soothes inflamed skin and strengthens capillaries. Known for its cleansing and astringent properties.
Safflower Seed Oil A natural moisturizer and skin lubricant – used in shaving oil.
Sage Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Sage cleans and purifies the skin by normalizing surface oils.
Salicylic Acid An antiseptic and antibacterial agent taken from wintergreen oil that works as a topical anesthetic to decrease itching and redness.
Sesame Oil Conditions the hair and helps it to retain moisture.
Soybean Oil Skin conditioner and moisturizer.
Soybean Protein Helps skin retain moisture. Also strengthens hair cuticles to prevent breakage.
Tea Tree Oil A natural antiseptic, germicide, antibacterial, fungicide.
Tomato and Barley Extract Mimics the skin’s natural lipids and controls moisture loss.
Triple Alpha Hydroxy Acids A combination of glycolic acid (from sugar cane), lactic acid (from milk) and malic acid (from apples) that works to remove the dirt, oil, dandruff, etc. from the hair and scalp.
Vitamin A An anti-oxidant that soothes and rejuvenates skin.
Vitamin C A natural anti-oxidant that helps rejuvenate and restore the skin by encouraging collagen production and improving capillary health.
Vitamin E An anti-oxidant that soothes and rejuvenates skin.
Wheat Amino Acids Helps protect hair from heat styling damage.
Witch Hazel Astringent and anti-inflammatory. Witch Hazel can dry out spots, reduce sebum levels on the skin.

MEN-U GROOMING: An Introduction

Men-U have introduced a full range of multi-award winning men’s grooming products. The ultra concentrate liquid formulations ensure a little goes a long way, providing great value, whilst delivering the finest ingredients to where they are needed most without waste.

The handy 75 and 100ml bottles with locking pumps – ideal for the gym bag – provide 60-265 applications dependent on the product and provide accurate dosage.

Men-U have also taken on the challenge of improving shaving – the daily ritual that can cause all sorts of skin problems. Men-U Shave Crème is packed with lubricants, including silicone and moisturisers. This means a closer shave for you with less resistance, less irritation, less nicks and a longer lasting blade and we know what replacement cartridges can cost!

With their Premier Shaving Brush, Men-U turned 250 years of shaving tradition on its head, eschewing badger hair bristles instead opting for highly developed synthetic bristles. A shaving brush with synthetic bristles is non-absorbent, so they need less shaving cream to create a richer lather.

Men-U db Premier Synthetic Shaving BrushSimon Shaw, Wahl UK Artistic Director said of the new shaving brush “The Men-U Premier, synthetic bristle shaving brush is the best I have ever used! The bristles are easily cleaned and you use less product. I have always felt uncomfortable about using badger bristles.”

Men-U continue to develop and introduce new dedicated men’s grooming products – from shaving to skincare to hair styling.

No Men-U products have been tested on animals or their ingredients for Men-U product purposes.

View the full Men-U product range.

Men-U Healthy Facial Wash [is] ultra-concentrated, so a little goes a long way. This will last you as long as anything else more expensive – with the same end result; a nice clean face.
Men’s Health Awards – The 3 Days to Payday Award

Men-U Facial Moisturiser Lift … will fit inside your suit pocket but contains a whopping 165 applications. Its mint and menthol extracts will cool your skin when you’re tired and hot – or both.
Men’s Health Awards – The City Break Award

For clients who want that natural finish without looking like they’ve tried, Men-U Grooming Wax holds hair just where you want it.
Hairdressers Journal International Mens Supplement

Used daily or overnight [Men-U Matt Moisturiser will] moisturise while soaking up your sweat, leaving your face matt and smooth.

Best Wet Shave Product – Men-U Premier Shaving Brush.
FHM Grooming Awards

Make his morning routine a breeze with this [Men-U Premier Shaving] brush, plus three free Men-U mini skincare favourites. A quality synthetic alternative to badger bristles makes it great for animal lovers.
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Men-U Shave Cream – most shaving gels and foams don’t give you a really close shave because they contain too much air. This award winning shave cream is ultra concetrated so it will give you a really close shave with less irritation. The tiny bottle will deliver about six months of shaving and will even help your blades last longer too.
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[Men-U] has had fantastic reviews worldwide and is multi-award winning. It is a refreshing line of high performance, ultra-concentrated products, which means a little goes a long way.
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As our skin ages it becomes thinner and more easily damaged. Whilst men’s skin ages at a slower rate than women’s, men’s skin is oilier and up to 20 percent thicker than women’s leading to larger and more prominent pores and deeper wrinkles.

Skin ageing is caused by a reduction in elasticity and loss of collagen. Sun damage is a leading factor in skin ageing – UV rays weaken collagen and elastin which keep skin elastic and plump. Consider using a moisturiser with a built in sunscreen throughout the year to reduce UV damage in addition to dedicated sun cream in the summer months.

Wearing sunglasses in the sun is also wise. The skin around the eyes is very delicate and is often the first area to show wrinkles. Sunglasses with provide an additional layer of UV protection and prevent squinting which can cause wrinkles.

Fight Ageing SkinDrinking enough water keeps the body and skin hydrated and can help you look healthier. The British Dietetic Association recommends drinking 1.5 to 2.5 litres per day.

Encouraging cell turnover with products containing Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), such as Zirh Clean, to help remove dead skin cells and encourage new growth leaving the skin looking fresh and youthful.

It’s safe to say that anti-ageing creams aren’t miracles in a jar that will make wrinkles immediately disappear forever. What they can do is even out the skin tone, improve the health of the skin with anti-oxidant vitamins A and C and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The range of men’s anti-ageing products are formulated specifically for our oilier skin and the rigours of daily shaving. Women’s products, contain a lot of oil for their drier and thinner skin, which can irritate our skin and clog pores.

We hope with these tips and a few well chosen products you can enjoy a more youthful look for years to come.


Blackheads (or comedones) are a common skin problem, found in oily areas of the skin, such as the nose, chin and forehead. Caused by oil becoming trapped in a pore, the oil (sebum) oxidises, turning black leaving a black head.


Blackheads can easily be prevented. Wash your face with a dedicated men’s facial wash everyday to help prevent oily build up. Traditional soap cannot only block pores but can over-dry the skin leading to increased oil production. Exfoliating twice a week will help to remove dead skin cells to keep the pores clear and prevent blockages. Face washes containing alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) can help to remove dead skin cells too. A weekly clay mask can absorb excess oil which could clog and form a blackhead whilst also reducing the size of pores that have become stretched by blackhead formation.


The most common, and simplest method for removing blackheads is to gently squeeze them. Before squeezing, and to avoid potential skin damage, soften the skin and open the pores by having a hot shower or by placing warm flannel over your face. Wrap a piece of tissue around each index finger – this prevents the nails digging in too hard. Place your fingers closely, either side of the blackhead and push them together. If the blackhead does not come out easily, don’t squeeze harder as you could damage, or bruise the skin. Following the extraction, apply an antiseptic cream to kill any bacteria that may enter the open pore and rise the area with cold water to help close the pore back up.

Following a regular skincare regimen for your skin type will keep reduce dead skin cells and oil on the skin to help prevent blackheads in the future.

ZIRH MEN’S SKINCARE: An Introduction

Zirh was created over ten years ago to create products – from the ground up – formulated to work for men. Zirh (rhymes with “sir”) has found popularity with professional athletes, celebrities and skincare professionals, thanks to a focus on quality and convenience.

“Zirh takes men’s skin care to a whole new level.” GQ Magazine

With awards from FHM, Men’s Health, Prix de Beaute and many more, Zirh have a full range of dedicated men’s skincare and grooming products that are easy to use. Zirh research and develop clinically proven products to address men’s specific skincare needs, containing the best natural oils, extracts and botanicals which are scientifically tested, but never on animals.

Zirh’s most popular products include; Clean, Rejuvenate and Fix.

Zirh CleanZirh Clean Face Wash removes dirt, oil and pollution with the benefit of powerful alpha hydroxy acids to spur new skin cell growth leaving the skin feeling clean and fresh.

Zirh Rejuvenate Anti-Ageing Cream is clinically proven to increase skin hydration and elasticity. With daily use, Zirh Rejuvenate reduces the visible signs of ageing including fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone.

Zirh Fix contains a unique formula which is antibacterial and antiseptic to solve common skin problems including blackheads, spots, pimples, ingrown hairs and minor blemishes.