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If socks and ties no longer cut it, and you need some inspirational fathers day gift ideas to show your dad how appreciated he is, we’ve just the answer.

Shaving can often become an everyday chore, but it’s hard to tire in the event of whipping up a lather with a shaving brush and smelling the luxurious fragrances available. Learning or reviving the skill of using traditional shaving equipment used by his father or grandfather can be very enjoyable, bringing a sense of tradition and connection to years past.

Straight Razor – Gift IdeaStraight razors are seeing a huge increase in popularity. Taking time out in the morning to clear your mind with a classic straight razor shave can work wonders to relax and set yourself up for the day. The gift of the closest shaves possible is sure to be unforgettable and a classic shaving piece that, with proper care, will last a lifetime.
Male Grooming Kit – Father’s DayIf your dad washes his face with a bar of hand soap and whizzes an electric razor over his face, one of our ready made grooming kits will help him feel like a new man. A dedicated face wash formulated for men’s skin will leave him feeling fresh and invigorated. A post-shave moisturiser will soothe the skin, and leave it incredibly soft. For wet shavers, a shaving brush can make the world of difference. A shaving brush creates a rich, lubricating lather which softens and lifts the beard for an extra close shave.

Safety Razors – Fathers Day Gift IdeasA traditional wet shave can often solve common shaving problems such as razor burn and ingrown hairs, as well as a close shave. Starting the morning off with a great shave will leave your father feeling clean, alert and confident. Rather than being sold a shaving system, select the razor blade that best suits the beard type. Ditch the generic canned goo, for a wide range of shaving creams which contain ingredients to soften the beard, lubricate the skin and leave it feeling moisturised. Available in a range of scents from classic cologne based fragrances to traditional rose or almond.