All-American Style – The Never Fail Look

You may have a signature look or a piece in your wardrobe which never fails to spruce up an outfit, but sometimes you may get bored and fancy mixing it up a bit in the style stakes.

Never fear, there’s a go to look that will suit any body shape and age appropriately – the all-American look. The staple pieces include blue denim jeans and a plain white t-shirt – it’s what you layer over and the accessories you wear with it that can fit in with what you feel most comfortable with.

The Basics

Look for the highest quality plain white t-shirt your budget can afford, and of course these are available in almost every high street and designer store around the world – the most classic style is a round crew neck.

The next investment piece is the indigo denim jean in a slim/regular fit, with or without turn-ups and definitely without any distressed details. This purely depends on how ‘Americana’ you want to go. If James Dean, Danny from Grease or Marlon Brando are your heroes, why not give turn-ups a try?

Layer It Up

For the under 40’s, the plaid flannel shirt in bold shades of red, green and blue can make a real statement with the all-American look, this style of shirt will also nod to the 1990’s trend nicely as well. If plaid flannel shirts aren’t to your tastes, wear a chambray shirt with rolled up sleeves, in a light blue or grey colour to layer up over your plain white tee.

As the weather turns cooler for autumn, a great cover up is the ‘worker jacket’ favoured by the blue-collar workers of the Deep South in America – a boxed, waist-length shape, with long sleeves and a collar in urban tones of charcoal, black or rust are a good choice.

Footwear & Accessories

The key to the all-American look is to keep it simple and stick to the classics. Converse All Star trainers are a fine symbol of American style, which haven’t dated in decades. Stick to their primary range of trainers in white, black, navy or red to really gain a lot wear from these shoes.

If your occasion calls for a smarter look, or you find Converse trainers a little too cold in the drizzly autumn weather, the lace up ‘work boot’ in suede or leather is a great alternative. High street stores have many options available and in many different price ranges, from All Saints to ASOS or River Island to Kurt Geiger.

Like the footwear, keep the accessories down to a minimum. Choose a black or brown leather belt to pull the look together and be sparing with any jewellery.